SECTION V:     Membership and Dues

(A)  Senior membership applications must be made on the form provided for this purppose and the application must be accompanied by the necessary fee at the interview.  

(B)  Application for membership will b e taken from June 1st to the following June with a limitation of the number of members controlled by the Officers and Directors of the Niagara County Sportsmen's Association. 

(C)  Dues:  Changes in yearly dues, costs, and initiation fees shall be voted on at a general membership meeting only after the general membership has been notified of said change, in writing, not less than 10 and not more than 30 days before the meeting in question.  In addtion to the first year's dues, all new members will pay an initiation fee equal to one year's dues. (Change accepted 12/14/2008).  

(D)  All members must put in ten (10) hours of work each year in order to receive a DISCOUNT on yearly dues.  Due attention is to be paid to exemptions for age, infirmity, or disability.  The DISCOUNT is to be determined by the Officers and Directors.  This DISCOUNT as well as the current dues structure with effective dates shall be continuously and clearly posted at the Club.  (Change accepted 12/14/2008).

(E)  All membership dues shall expire June 1st.  New member dues will be pro-rated after January 1st to June 1st.

  1. From June 1st to December 31st.  One year dues plus one year initiation. 
  2. From January 1st to March 31st.  One half (1/2) year dues plus one year initiation. 
  3. From April 1st to June 30th.  One quarter (1/4) year dues plus one year initiation.

If the membership is not renewed by July 31, the member is dropped from the Club roster and loses all rights to sign as a renewal.  If inflation or some other hardship forms, the board may add a 30-day grace period to the renewal deadline. (Change accepted 12/14/2008).

(F)  Youths between the ages of 16 and 18 shall be eligible for Junior Membership.  Their dues shall be $5.00 for the first year, and $3.00 per year after.  At age 18, they will pay fulll membership dues, excluding the initation fee.  If their birth date follows 60 days after the due date, they will have the rest of the year at their junior rate.  They shall state on their application the day, month, and year of their birth.  As junior members, they will have all rights and privileges of the club, except any voting on money matters, and they will not be allowed guest privileges.

(G)  Honorary Membership shall be held by a vote of the Officers and Directors of this Association.  Final approval by the general body is required.  This privilege may be revoked by the body at any time there is just cause.  This honorary membership will only be given to persons who, by their co-operation, are furthering the cause of this Association.

(H)  Life Membership shall only be granted to a person with 20 or more year's service to this Association.  The nomination for this award may be made by any member and it shall be approved by 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.  Any members selected for this award shall hold his or her Membership for life, and shall not be sujected to any dues assessments.  Under no condition shall this membership be sold, bartered, or traded for anything of value and can only be given under the above conditions.  This membership will only be given to persons who, by their cooperation, are furthering the cause of this Association, and are to be voted on individually. 

(I)  When a member enters Active Duty in the armed services of our country, he or she shall be carried on the membership rolls as a member in good standing until the end of the fiscal year of his or her honorable discharge or return to in active reserve status without any dues or fees provided the said member notifies the Secretary in writing stating that he or she is entering Full Time Active Duty.  (Changed accepted December 14, 2008).

(J)  Any member who has been a member in good standing for five (5) years and is sixty-five (65) or more years of age will on written annual request have his or her dues reduced to 50 percent of the current dues. 

(K)  Any member with over ten (10) years in the club who becomes disabled will get a membership dues cut by 50 percent with board approval.  (6/25/87).