SECTION VI:  Use of Sportsmen's Retreat

A)  Sportsmen's Retreat consisting of 26 and 3/4 acres, located on the Lower Mt. Road near Bonds Lake, Pekin, New York, shall be open to its members 365 days of the year.  Members, their wives, and their relatives under the age of 16 years shall have the right to use all facilities. 

B)  Children at the N.C.S.A. must be supervised by a responsible adult.  If a mother (who is a member on her husband's card) brings the children to the club, she must have in her possession, her husband's membership card. 

C)  Fishing in the ponds is allowed when legal to do so.  Seasons set by the New York State Conservation Department and fishing licenses are required by law.  All non-members must pay a $5.00 range fee to fish in the ponds.  

D)  Ranges:  Shoort safely at targets.  Do not shoot at glass bottles.  No shooting allowed anywhere except on ranges. 

E)  Swimming is not allowed.

F)  Dog training allowed when legal to do so. 

G)  No hunting allowed.

H)  Non-members must pay a non-member fee for the use of N.C.S.A. facilities and must also be accompanied and supervised by a member.  

I)  Picnics are allowed, put our fires and clean up. 

J)  Do not dig any shrbs, trees, or flowers.

K)  Help keep NCSA clean.