(A)  Election of Officers shall take place at the December General meeting.  All voting shall take place at this time. 

(B)   In Septemeber, the President shall appoint an election committee consisting of two Directors whose terms do not expire that year and one member in good standing.  It shall be the responsibility of the committee to determine the Guidelines for the conduct of this election, to publish them clearly along with the ballot, and to man the ballot box available to the membership on Election Day.  Due consideration shall be given to past practices and every effort should be made to ensure the rite of every member to cast a ballot and protect the privacy of votes cast by the membership.  (Accepted December 14, 2008).

(C)  This committee shall study the Club's records to select the best possible candidates for office and they shall have ready their selections to be read off at the November meeting. 

(D)  At the Novemner general meeting candidates may be nominated off the floor.  Members being nominated from the floor must be present at the November meeting to accept nomination.  Nominees acceptable to the committee need not be present to stay on the ballot. 

(E)  No member shall be nominated to be an Officer unless he or she has been a member in good standing for at least three (3) years, and to be nominated for a Director position they shall have been a member in good standing for at least two (2) years.  The consecutive year requirements must be immediately prior to the election.  If there are no qualified nominees, the Executive Board shall have power to override this paragraph and accept nominations of members in good standing with less than the above mentioned  years of service.

(F)  All Officers and Directors shall be elected by paper ballot.  The said ballot shall be enclosed with the November monthly bulltetin.  All "mail in" ballots shall be in an envelope marked for election, and shall also include the voter's membership number and signature on the envelope.  They shall only be opened by the Nominating Committee on Election Day.  All improperly marked envelopes shall be discounted.  

(G)  The newly elected Officers and Directors, along with the outgoing Officers and Directors shall attend the December Board of Directors Meeteing.  The newly elected Officers and Directors shall assume their duties at the January monthly meeting. 

(H)  In case of a tie in the election, a vote of members present at the December general meeting shall decide the election. 

(I)  The President of the Niagara County Sportsmen's Association, upon vacating their office, will automatically assume the office of Honorary Director for the period of (1) year.